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Neo's Bleach Poster Gallery

Jul 22, 2014
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Such cool colouring! I like the matching "BLEACH" blue colour with the blue smoke which makes it cool. I also like the cushion colours and I have almost same colours of the cushions which I have. It's a beautiful picture to be framed.


Life is a song cue . . .
May 12, 2013
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Greetings friends! :banana

One of the huge blessings of BURN THE WITCH was it gave all of us new Kubo images to play with, edit, caption and color. Coloring is a soothing way to take one's mind off one's troubles... I've posted all of these in the regular Chapter chat, but I wanted to put them all in one place.

BTW Chapter 2 - Bruno
This was before the official colorings were released picturing him all in blue. By now, of course, EVERYONE has drawn him and colored him, but here's my first take picturing him all in earth tones and khaki.
BLEACH Chapter 1 - Ichigo
I had fun imagining Ichigo's reaction to there being a new love in Kubo's life.
Original Panel:
BTW Chapter 3 - Balgo
I upgraded my opinion of Balgo in Chapter 4 - but at this point I found his drooling innocence reminded me of Wonderweiss. The coloring is simple, but I removed a lot to get there.

BTW Chapter 4 - Bruno Revisited
Now, I have him in canon colors (mostly). But it's the epic Tagger-magic that most drew me to this image.


Original Image

Inks Red
BTW Chapter 4 - The Scene of the Crime
For some reason I decided to color this empty concourse panel. I enjoyed picturing this vast 2-3 story space and seeing how large the scale actually was. It's another instance of Kubo seeing things cinematically. For fun I'm including the view out the window...

The View
And that's it for now - I have really relished these hours of distraction from worldly cares. :lala