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Ichigo - the power to crush destiny

Mar 26, 2013
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Edit 2020-09-06
So as more of my crazy theories have proven true over the years, this one just got a lot more likely with the latest novel. Having read up on it, I understand the antagonist Aura Michibane, a fullbringer, to be the soul king's binding chain. All of the Fullbringers contain some part of the soul king. That opens the door to someone being the soul king's chain of fate, which would be a perfect fit for Ichigo for the reasons I stated above.

We don't know much about the chain of fate apart from it binding the soul to the body. But the name fits nicely when you consider the proximity of 'fate' and 'destiny', and makes Ichigo beating 'The Almighty' with a simple slash less of an ass-pull. He might have been the only one who could do it.

Also easy to see how Ichigo's special war power was titled 'potential' if he has the ability to crush/overcome whatever unfavorable fate/destiny comes his way.