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Farewell: A Dedication

Mar 19, 2013
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Thank you for everything you shared with us.

The BA RP has been around for roughly 12 years, almost as long as BA itself. That is an incredible achievement for an RP. However, now that the RP is being laid to rest indefinitely, CrayonsToChaos and I wanted to make a small dedication to all those who've been involved over the years.

The RP was originally founded by Kolbert/Rasziel, Mystic Serenade, and Dizzy.
Rasziel tended Hueco Mundo.
Mystic Serenade tended the Living World.
And Dizzy tended the Soul Society.
They created all of the rules, guidelines, point systems, and base profiles that served as foundations for the whole of the RP.
A while later, DarkPulsar/Erin joined the RP, and began tending to Hueco Mundo, and reforming the points systems, as well as perfecting the art of stat fighting.
Several years in, Seraphina was given run of the RP, and further refined and balanced the guidelines and points systems, not to mention, was also responsible for some impressively extensive and polished world building.
Blackluster was an incredible Game Master, and created many fun, challenging, and memorable missions during their time in the RP.
And Unicorn, while also being a dedicated player, was a passionate and steadfast supporter of the RP.​

I was a player in the RP, and I often assisted its moderators with various tasks, mostly grading and distributing point rewards to the players' characters, or approving new players' characters to join. I wanted to share a small tidbit that some might find interesting. I actually met my husband, Crimson Shenkibeto, after he joined this RP and his character joined the 11th Division, of which I was Captain at the time. We've been together for over 10 years now, and this RP is still nostalgic for us.

CrayonsToChaos and Zanjutsu joined the RP in its later years, but they were the Final Two Players here at the end, and I wanted to commend them for their dedication to this RP.

I also want to commend and thank several other players and their characters, who made the RP all that it was. Thank you so much for all of the memories that were created together. Here's to you.

Alamerona -
Soul Society: Maori Kinjirushi, Kuryltein Bardhowl
Living World: Makoto Shinobu

Aoi Innocence -
Soul Society: Yukiko Hiyashiwa
Living World: Kokoro Ishinomori, Blair De'Luca, Royce De'Luca

Araxiel -
Soul Society: Kimura Tomokane, Yumi Tanizaki-Tomokane, Ouji Shirosawa, Minaki Kuromiyaki, Hikaru Sato, Taiki Sakamoto, Hiroe Morioka, Harufusa Iwakura, Yuu Nonomura
Living World: Alexander Whatley, Max Mercury, Kamui Hoshino, Nagayuki Toda
Hueco Mundo: Hueso Cabra, Narehu, Pahon, Rush Vanegerat

Azley -
Soul Society: Tetsuya Arashi

BG9 -
Living World: Miru Tadega

Biobomber -
Soul Society: Hibiki Koizumi

Blackluster -
Soul Society: Shuga Shugoshita, Kim Yasutoko, Roake, Gran, Ume Higa, Otoro Kurokasa
Living World: Fell Westwood, Sunami Sano, Francine "Frankie" Blueburne, Elder, Yamanagi Nue
Hueco Mundo: Sir Curtis Krankheit-Bringer

CrayonsToChaos -
Soul Society: Kana Asakawa, Yao Rukon
Living World: Anton Saint-Sébastien, Satoru Nanase

Crimson Shenkibeto -
Soul Society: Crimson Shenkibeto, Fayt "Shenkibeto" Keto, Anzen Homura, Tenishan Shein, Kaiser Makio, Order Titanos
Living World: Tenaku Shein, Stephen Hexthian
Hueco Mundo: Keniten Mimmiku, Aldric Tancred Roux dit Chevalier, Lander Necrabyss, Nova Shenkibeto, Tenchou Darkclaw, Xaleon Tsuna

DarkPulsar/Erin -
Soul Society: Arryn Maine, Sadako Kusahara, Marisabel Amada, Saionji Michio, Rin Miyake
Living World: Elisabeth "Lise" Amelia Prieur

Dizzy -
Soul Society: Cres Aurea, Lexi Hunter, Lune Aurea
Living World: Claire Maxi Allavier

Gol D. Roger -
Soul Society: Haruki Ito

Halfnhalf -
Soul Society: Kotone Ishikifuma
Hueco Mundo: Isamu Michii

Hama Brightheart -
Soul Society: Sai Amilay, Blaine Brightheart
Hueco Mundo: Neurous

Herzblut -
Soul Society: Asuka Shimizu
Living World: Feles/Luciano Mezzanotte, Eos Richards
Hueco Mundo: Guuen Pantheras, Siri Ysabelle

Hiraeth -
Soul Society: Ren Takada, Kiku Honda, Fifteenth, Duan Delaney
Hueco Mundo: Durante Dormire

Isaac Vladimir -
Soul Society: Kaoru Miyazaki, Flare Shenkibeto, Hijiri Minatou, Giru Makenshii, Gil Kazunori, Ryung Sairen, Enna Kushida, Cynder Shenkibeto, Shinta Miyazaki, Kuro Kazana
Living World: Nathaniel Niklaus, Lilac Hirvette
Hueco Mundo: Rem Nightveil, Ayumu Kohana, Chrest Saitania, Kusa Miyazaki, Hizumi Sorimachi, Laam Nightray

Jun_Seba -
Soul Society: Youji Kuramoto

Mad Scientist -
Living World: The Mad Hatter/Hatta
Hueco Mundo: Alan Matiaha

Mystic Serenade -
Soul Society: Keiji Otowari, Mai Hanazuki, Aoki Mitsuru, Sayaka Yukijirou, Hotaru Yukijirou
Living World/Hueco Mundo: Mani & Masaki

Nimbus -
Soul Society: Hibari Noburo/Lawler Q. Evergreen, Samuel Harlet
Living World: Vega Izanagi
Hueco Mundo: Ryukei Yano, Kaiden Saitania

Rachael Ramiel -
Soul Society: Alex Tsumi
Living World: Lilith "Lilly" Sakurai
Hueco Mundo: Hikari Yukimura

Rasziel -
Soul Society: Hanako Yamada
Hueco Mundo: Mircalla Zolmao, Sora Stryfe: The Bunny Arrancar!

Rayne -
Soul Society: Maria "Rayne" Himura-Azurna

Sachiko -
Hueco Mundo: Julia Morganna

Seraphina -
Soul Society: Hitomi Reihaii, Shadrin Kain, Junshin Kiyoko, Shingen Uesugi, Yukimura Sakon, Suzume Chiharu, Kenta Hideo

Shdo -
Soul Society: Marko "Marq" Nickolovitch, Ezzo Coatl
Living World: Lana
Hueco Mundo: Ja'eq

Unicorn -
Soul Society: Sayuri Himura, Saku Makoto
Living World: Alexandra "Alex" Dupont
Hueco Mundo: Nyarle

Zanjutsu -
Soul Society: Juzen Shiruga, Katinka Ryujuu
Living World: Jeff Heorn, Azusa Ishihara​

This section, the RP as a whole, has now been officially closed. Unfortunately, only moderators may post here at this time, so please do not attempt to post in this thread. If any past players would also like to be included in the honorable mentions above, please contact either myself or CrayonsToChaos via a VM, and we would be more than happy to add your name and your characters to the list, or correct any errors.


Mar 26, 2013
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Let's not forget that we should also thank Isaac Vladimir for not only his contributions to the RP for many, many years, but taking over the moderation of the RP after Seraphina, and for making sure Zanj and I got our Soul Points! Isaac was also really fun to roleplay with, and our shenanigans with Anton and Lilac were short-lived but memorable.

I joined this RP in June 2013, which makes Bleach Asylum Role Play one of my longest running RPs ever. It's now six years later and Zanj and I are still playing...

When I joined Seraphina was in charge, and she was great. Sera was really good at helping you construct your characters' abilities and making sure everything was balanced. I would go to her with "hey I have this idea how would you make that into a shikai ability?" and she would be like - bam - there you go. Not only that but she would run stories, weaving things into a meta-plot that she kept in her head. It was also notable that during her time of being the RP mod there was practically zero player drama, which is outstanding.

I also want to thank the BA RP for introducing me to Zanjutsu. Zanjutsu is an amazing RPer, and a good friend. When he first started here I kinda pounced on him a little bit and forced him to RP with me. (He didn't mind, lol.) We have taken our characters Juzen and Yao on the most hilarious and exciting journeys together and built them from Shino Academy wimps to captain-level badasses. We still roleplay together both with our Bleach characters and in other places away from the forum and I don't see that ending soon.

I have had the best time roleplaying here, and hanging out with all my fellow RPers. It's been a blast. Really it has. I hope that people enjoy reading our stories, which are now archived for posterity. I will certainly be back to read them again!
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Mar 19, 2013
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I forgot to mention that many of our former members/players were amazing artists! Just for some fun and some memories, I want to include some pieces of RP fanart that I've managed to hang onto from over the years. Enjoy!

(Note: I have to break them up into individual batches, since you can only have 50 images per post.)

Drawn by Araxiel -

[A group photo from the Shinigami Academy.
From left to right - Kiku Honda, Lexi Hunter, Kaoru Miyazaki, Crimson Shenkibeto, Hanako Yamada, Ouji Shirosawa, Kimura Tomokane, Marq, Kotone Ishikifuma, Arryn Maine]

[A future generation for the Shinigami Academy.
From left to right - Shian Shenkibeto, Shaveil Shenkibeto, Kazuki Tomokane, Kagura Shirosawa]

[The 11th Division Trio - Crimson Shenkibeto, Kaoru Miyazaki, & Kimura Tomokane]

[The 11th Division Trio - Crimson Shenkibeto, Kaoru Miyazaki, & Kimura Tomokane: Winter Version]

[Some Shinigami re-imagined as Lanterns.
Red Lantern - Crimson Shenkibeto
Blue Lantern - Hijiri Minatou
Yellow Lantern - Hikaru Sato
Green Lantern - Ouji Shirosawa
Violet Lantern - Kaoru Miyazaki
Indigo Lantern - Kimura Tomokane
Orange Lantern - Yumi Tanizaki-Tomokane]

[Action shots of the Lanterns.]

[Shinigami Plushies!]

[Vizard Kimura Tomokane versus Vizard Crimson Shenkibeto]

[Kaoru Miyazaki & Hikaru Sato]

[Crimson Shenkibeto & Kaoru Miyazaki]

[Crimson Shenkibeto]

[Kaoru Miyazaki]

[Flare Shenkibeto]

[Nova Shenkibeto]

[Rem Nightveil dressed in dapper clothing.]

[Rem Nightveil & Keniten Mimmiku]

[Chrest Saitania]

[Laam Nightray]

[Kaiden Saitania]

[Sayuri Himura]

[Genderbent Crimson Shenkibeto & Kaoru Miyazaki, and Genderbent Nyarle]

[Minaki Kuromiyaki receiving a gift from Ouji Shirosawa]

[Hikaru Sato]

[Kimura Tomokane]



[Rush Vanegerat]

[Rush Vanegerat & Narehu]

[Alexander Whatley]

[Blond Hikaru Sato & Rush Vanegerat]​
Mar 19, 2013
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Drawn by Blackluster -

[Shuga Shugoshita]

[Shuga Shugoshita & Kim Yasutoko]


[Otoro Kurokasa]

[Ume Higa]

[Fell Westwood]

[Sir Curtis Krankheit-Bringer]

[Cres Aurea]

[Ren Takada]

[Sayuri Himura]

[Giru Makenshii]

[Arryn Maine]

[Hitomi Reihaii]

[Hibari Noburo/Lawler Q. Evergreen]

[Maria "Rayne" Himura-Azurna]

[Flare Shenkibeto]

[Crimson Shenkibeto]

[Kaoru Miyazaki]

[Crimson Shenkibeto & Kaoru Miyazaki]

[Kaiden Saitania]


[Nova Shenkibeto]

[Chrest Saitania]

[Lexi Hunter]

[Mai Hanazuki]

[Sadako Kusahara]

[Rush Vanegerat]​
Mar 19, 2013
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Drawn by CrayonsToChaos -

[Maori Kinjirushi]

[Alex Tsumi]

[Cynder Shenkibeto]

[Juzen Shiruga]

[Juzen Shiruga & His Shikai]

[Juzen Shiruga & Yao Rukon]

[Kana Asakawa & Her Shikai: Kaya]

[Kana Asakawa]

[Kana Asakawa with her hair put up.]

[Kana Asakawa: Gothic Version]

[Kana Asakawa: Shikai Version]

[Yao Rukon and his pet duck, Yoshifumi]

[Yao Rukon: Shikai Version]

[Anton Saint-Sébastien]

[Anton Saint-Sébastien, Kana Asakawa, & Yao Rukon]

Mar 19, 2013
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Drawn by Nimbus -

[Alexandra "Alex" Dupont]

[Yukiko Hiyashiwa]

[Arryn Maine as the new Aizen!]

[Cres Aurea]

[Keiji Otowari]


[Hikaru Sato & Ryung Sairen]

[Hibari Noburo/Lawler Q. Evergreen]

[Flare Shenkibeto]

[Kaoru Miyazaki, wearing my glasses.]

[Kaoru Miyazaki]

[Chrest Saitania]

[Kaiden Saitania]

[Kaiden Saitania]

[Espada characters re-imagined as Boos]

[Shinigami characters re-imagined as Boos]

[Ryukei Yano]
Mar 19, 2013
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Other Artists -

[Cres Aurea - Cannot Remember The Artist]

[Durante Dormire - Cannot Remember The Artist]

[Marisabel Amada - Cannot Remember The Artist]

[Rem Nightveil - Drawn by Herzblut]

[Sayuri Himura - Drawn by Hiraeth]

[Expressions - Drawn by Dizzy]

[Lexi Hunter - Drawn by Dizzy]

[Keiji Otowari & Lexi Hunter - Drawn by Dizzy]

[Arryn Maine - Drawn by Dizzy]

[Maria "Rayne" Himura-Azurna - Drawn by Dizzy]

[Kaoru Miyazaki - Drawn by Dizzy]

[Keiji Otowari: Shikai Version - Drawn by Mystic Serenade]

[Keiji Otowari: Bankai Version - Drawn by Mystic Serenade]

[Mani - Drawn by Mystic Serenade]

[Masaki - Drawn by Mystic Serenade]