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Burn the witch animation is coming

Mar 26, 2013
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The situation with BtW reminds me of The COMIQ, a short series by the author of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kazuki Takahashi (from last year or the year before, I believe).
Yeah, it reminded me of Akira Toriyama's Ginga Patrol Jaco mini-series, which turned out to be a part of his other bigger manga. Also the relationship between Bleach and Burn The Witch is not exactly clear... Will it have its own path or is it there just to complete Bleach?...


Jun 2, 2013
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Thanks, Vizard KNIGHT; it looks nice, especially Reverse London. It will actually be an animated film.

Judging by the promotional videos, the manga arrives this Summer (2020/0X/XX) and the film arrives this Autumn (2020/XX/XX).

Some notes from the live-stream (VARIOUS SOURCES such as Bleach Reddit, Mangahelpers WSJ thread and Twitter):
~ The WSJ Editor in Chief liked the Burn the Witch immediately and wanted to make an anime out of it, but Kubo said he needed time. The manga serialization was agreed upon because Kubo wanted to give more material for the animated film. The film director worked closely with Kubo.
~ Noel's voice actress is a fan of Bleach and used to read it in school.
~ The manga will be a sequel to the one-shot, starting days after the one-shot (meaning, one-shot is canon).
~ Burn the Witch characters will appear in Bleach Brave Souls.
~ The one-shot is free to read on the Shonen Jump+ app.

The one-shot has been added to VIZ's Vault as well.

I think that the manga will be available in English on MangaPlus as well.

The official site: https://burn-the-witch-anime.com/

For anyone interested, here is an article about the team that's working on Burn the Witch: Team Yamahitsuji And BURN THE WITCH: Studio Colorido’s Spirited New Sibling – Sakuga Blog
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