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Who Thinks Renji has surpassed Byakuya.

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Feb 15, 2014
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Ok so who thinks Renji has actually surpassed Byakuya. Its honestly really hard to tell be we haven't seen enough of Renji's new bankai. However we have basically seen everything Byakuya can do. all the versions of his bankai, plus that that final attack he used against Ichigo. he can also uses hado 33

Another problem we don't know how fast Renji can move. We know he can move fast though, He used flash step on Mask. By the time he saw Renji it was too late. However lets assume that Renji, and Byakuya can move at roughly the same speed.

Well we know that Renji's Bankai has enough Force to get Through Byakuya Defenses. Lets Assume Renji can move fast enough to dodge Byakuya's Pedals. Even if he did get surrounded like by his Byakuya's pedal he could force his way out of it. So it would seam like Renji would have the advantage under those circumstances. However Byakuya is more of strategist then Renji. Also Byakuya still has more experience Renji. However I really don't think mode 2 of Byakuya's bankai would be all that handy in that fight. There is that final attack though, that might be able to beat Renji, but I doubt it. Renji's new bankai has far greater power then his old. Im sure Renji could counter it.

I honestly think Renji would beat Byakuya provided their speed is the same. Unless Byakuya could outsmart Renji, and get in a powerful attack. However Renji has watching Byakuya fight many times. He knows Byakuya's tricks.
There is also that royal realm upgrade that Byakuya, so there is also that to consider.

however at the very least the Renji of right now, could definitely beat SS arc Byakuya.
What do you guys think
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