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Shiro Watasaki- Background

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Sep 8, 2014
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It all started on a rainy day. It was break time and all those in my class were roaming the hallways with their friends discussing random topics which were utterly meaningless to me. As for me, I was busy spending my break time in the library reading about a broad range of topics in order to get the highest grades possible.
That's what I do every day. When everyone wasted their free time, I made the most out of it. Since I've grown up, I valued time. I believed that every second in life counts and that every moment of life that passes by is gone and can not be retrieved. However, other people do not even think this way and do not even care about their future. Now, enough talking about my way of thinking and allow me to tell you all my story.

As I said earlier, it was raining outside. I was in the library looking for a book about the town history. I walked around looking it through multiple isles but can't seem to find anything relevant. I decided to ask the librarian as she might have a suitable book for me. "Hello, I am looking for books related to the history of Karakura town but can not seem to find any, so can you please help me?" I said it politely as I have to keep up with the title of the Notch student. "Sure, we have many books, you must of been looking in the wrong section. Follow me." She gestures with her hand and disappears through the history book section. I finally catch up and she points at one of the bookshelves, "There you go, take as many as you want." . "Thank you very much, I will look through them and take those of use to me, thanks again." I smile as she turns away heading back to her desk. I start skimming through the books when I start hearing a voice calling me. "Shiro... Shiro.... SHIRO WATASAKI" The voice then boomed and it sounded as if it came from the end of the isle. I headed over to it and started looking around. There was nothing but three empty bookshelves. Then, a book appeared on one of the shelves. I took it and when examined it. It looked like one of those small purse notebooks. I opened it and began reading. "Those who deserve the power shall be given it, those who not deserve it shall be deprived of it. The gate to power is locked. Locks can only be unlocked with keys. Keys are the way you think. Seek the key within your self. Once the gate is unlocked, the book shall become the symbol of the owner."

School was over and I was planning on getting home early. Home was a few streets away so I started thinking about the book I found. I had to steal it because I was pretty sure that this book was not normal and did not belong to the library. If I showed it to anyone, it would be taken from me. "Keys are the way you think" Well, I think in a sane way relatively to other people at my school. I decided not to think about it too much until I get home.

"Hello, I'm back!" I had to shout because the television's volume was high because of my younger sister's show. No one seemed to answer but I expected that. My dad works at the bank and won't be back in 2 hours. Same for my mom, she worked at a school nearby and she always has after-school meetings. I headed upstairs and passed by my brother's room where he was playing video games on his computer. "Hey Rinji, why not stop gaming for an hour and do some school work?" I asked calmly but as expected. "I told you all I will do my homework when its due! I still have time!" To be honest, that made me mad. He always wasted his time on stupid games and I knew that sooner or later he is going to fail.

I went to my room and lay on the bed. Why does everyone waste his time?! Time is gold but no one gets it. Later on in life, I will look down on those who spent away their time messing around and we shall see who laughs at last. At that moment, the book flew out of my backpack and it erupted into flames. A flame of all colors. "Shiro, you have found the key. Now, the gate to power is opened." The notebook then fell on the ground, with no signs of being burnt. I opened it up and there was one word, OverTime. My brain was rushing thinking about what is happenning. I blurted the word out and the notebook transformed into a sword.

I rushed into my brother's room. He saw me from the corner of his eyes and then quickly turned around to face me as he noticed the sword. "Cool, where did you get that?" I got so nervous but he quickly griped for the blade. Then he froze in place. He was no longer moving, to be more precise, he was moving but a very slow pace. I panicked and wandered what to do. "Retreat, OverTime!" I heard that command boom in my head and it kept repeating in my head until I yelled it out and the sword transformed back into its original form, the notebook. My brother started retrieving his speed and looked at me. "That Sword!" He yelled and I knew I can not tell him.
"What sword?" I decided to play ignorant and make him think that it was all a part of his imagination.
"The sword you were holding just now, where are you hiding it?!"
"You must be hallucinating, I'm going to study. Cya"

He then gave up and continued his gaming. I went to my room and knew that I must start learning.

This was only a background story, although I am going to make a story line for him as I believe there is much to be done with this character. Anyways, thanks for reading.
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