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Room 302: Anton and Lilac! [RP Thread - Discontinued]

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Mar 19, 2013
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[Note: Just a very casual RP thread for CrayonsToChaos and myself, with Anton and Lilac as roommates! :p]

Deep within the stygian, phantasmagoric bowels of the thrashing, vengeful Otherworld ship, Anton was screaming.

Lilac! Run! Run!
There's a ladder! Lilac, here's our chance to escape! You go on up first... I'll hold them off...”​

Each word that spun past the panicked, unhinged brunet’s lips rattled cacophonously, painfully, in the darkened tunnels of Lilac’s ears as his ardent Quincy companion hastily towed him inside the lamentably lightless and uncomfortably narrow cylindrical shaft that housed the ascending ladder (which hopefully connected to the upper deck) that might yet prove to be their sole salvation.

From behind, Lilac felt the tremoring flats of his friend’s palms adhere to his shoulder blades through his coat as Anton impelled him towards the slender, chrism-rusted metal bars of the ladder. Too fast; the procession of events unfolding around him was occurring too rapidly for him to react, and there might have been a grain of truth to the assumption that he had suffered a concussion after the nasty plummet he’d endured only a half-hour earlier before Anton located him.

Assailed by a sudden bout of severe vertigo, the teenager could do little else than hurl up his spindly arms while he teetered dangerously and feared of banging his already-throbbing, disoriented cranium against the unyielding metal, but his fingers hooked around a slim, clammy, rust-crusted bar and Lilac managed to catch himself without incurring further incident or injury.

The darkness twirled and blurred in front of his eyes, threatening to plunge him into a state of unconsciousness--so the young, violet-haired male grit his pearled teeth and effectively squashed the blooming sensation down as he resecured his grasp on the ladder and began the arduous task of hauling himself up towards the top--despite that he was essentially climbing into nothing but heavy, abyssal blackness. There was not a guarantee he would actually make it out.

Lilac cinched his ashen eyelids shut tight in an attempt to prevent himself from lowering his gaze. If he looked down and witnessed Anton battling some manner of ungodly horror below him, then he would likely stupidly leap off the ladder and drop back down to lend support to the other male--and whether or not Lilac was prepared to admit it to himself, he was in no fit state for combat. Such a blunder could only end one way; getting them both killed.

So he scaled the grimy iron bars that satirically dangled hope just out of reach of their fingertips alone, jaws gnashing agonizingly against one another and discordant eyes all but screwed shut.

This can’t be real. We can’t really be in this kind of danger, can we? It was a game, just a game, never anything more than a game….so why, are we running for our lives right now….? Anton…. Why aren’t you climbing up behind me right now? Come on, don’t get yourself killed because of me….


The coarse, sallow-skinned knuckles of his right hand whisked through the dank, ominous air above him and brushed against a rough, splintery, wooden surface, and when he pressed on it, he detected a faint ‘jingling’ sound--that of metal clinking against the wood--there was a hatch door above his head! His heart felt as if it had executed a backflip inside of his chest as he immediately hurled the mercifully unlocked portal upwards, opening it without an ounce of hesitation or caution.

Sorrowfully, the Quincy was unaware that he had just sealed his own fate and cemented his doom.

“Anton, there’s a way out up here! Climb up!” Lilac had turned his head to shout down over his shoulder while he awkwardly scrambled to extract himself from the ladder shaft.

Schrp. Schrp. Scrkch!

The jarring, blood-chilling sounds of jagged metal scraping across the tattered, rickety floorboards as they creaked and bowed beneath a considerable weight--followed by a distinct, tangible ‘whoosh’ of musty air that battered the tender violaceous bangs of the teenager’s hair about his forehead and ears, as a colossal shadow bedeviled him from above.

Lilac swiveled his head back around and elevated his gaze just as Pyramid Head’s lengthy, tremendous, blood-crusted Great Knife swung down and viciously sundered his fragile, yielding flesh….

Lilac woke up screaming.

From the ledge of the window beside the bed, the lyrics to Shinedown’s ‘I’m Not Alright’ sauntered brusquely through the speakers of an onyx alarm clock whose otherwise blackened screen displayed 7:35 AM in glowing, neon-green block numbers and letters. The infernal electronic device was obviously mocking the distressed male on this decidedly not so fine morning.

I like crossing the line
And slowly losing my mind
Are you okay?
'Cuz I feel fine!

(I'm Not Alright - Shinedown)
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