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POTM Nominations! (Summer 2015)

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Dec 15, 2013
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I am working on this atm. It's a lot of work to do the POTM, so I am to make sure it's something that the persons will be able to handle.
Apologies for the super late response. Yeah makes sense. Those were just some of the people I thought might be able to. But you know far better about this than me.

...but perhaps just no voting? Aka, just have the best posts of the month somewhere for member enjoyment to read?

If there is no voting how will it be decided which posts are the best? I like your idea. I'm just trying to figure out the logistics that will make it work. Unless some mods will judge the posts nominated & if they are worthy of being archived.

@Otome-san: For some reason I can't Pm you...

1) It is something I thought long and hard about before I left the mod team and pretty much BA. As the one who came up with the general idea for POTM, and was its primary caretaker (with much help from Nick), I believe that my voice should carry some weight.

I have already made Unicorn aware of my feelings, but I will post the Cliff's Notes version here.

2) I hope that POTM is not brought back. When I came up with the idea, my hope was that the bar would be raised when it came to the quality of postings. It was also another way of saying, "thank you," to those who do post thought-provoking messages across the site. And for the most part, things went just as I hoped. Members were pleasantly surprised, but they simply thought of a POTM nomination and badge as a nice treat. As members became more familiar with first-time badge recipients, they also were able to read a variety of perspectives and themes. That was what I hoped for when I suggested POTM.

3) Unfortunately, not everyone looked at POTM the way it was intended to be. It was meant to be enjoyable. I had hoped that all members would be happy for one another when they were nominated or when they made the top three. The ones who expected more, or who looked at POTM as part of their BA identity, started to take POTM too seriously.

4) I deliberately avoided referring to POTM as a contest. That's because it was never meant to be a popularity contest. It was meant only to acknowledge posts that resonated with members. I wanted POTM to be a possible result of posting thoughtfully. POTM was not meant to be a source of resentment because someone thought his/her own post was more deserving than the posts that earned badges. Nor was POTM ever meant to cause members to become upset because they thought they should have gotten a higher place in the voting. Yet that's what was happening.

5) Running POTM was a lot of work. With the real-life issues we were facing, we both decided some months that POTM would have to take a back seat to our families and our own needs. It was too much for two people. Even with the help Belias was able to contribute, it started to become too much for everyone who had actively worked behind the scenes.

6) I'm not sure how Nick felt, but I began to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and by the types of complaints and requests that were coming in—always from the same two people. No matter how hard we tried, it seemed that it was never enough. I was frustrated and discouraged, and I decided that I just didn't have the time or desire to deal with the stress and the time demands.

7) I think it's time to let POTM remain as a relic of the past, in the Hall of Fame. I'm not sure that anyone else needs or wants to deal with the pressure or with the time demands.

Other contests sound great.

My response:

1) Even though I come on this site once in a while but you were one of the key faces of BA. You will be missed. Hopefully you can make a full return rather sooner than later.
2) Yes it was quote wonderful. One place to read all of the best posts of the month in one go. I used to lurk that thread the most. Come in once a month or 2 just to read the nominated posts. It was one of the reasons I joined the BA. So perhaps I could contribute something positive as well. But alas all good things must come to an end.
3) That's a shame. Just b/c of a few bad eggs it ruins the whole farm. Its sad that it has to be that way.
4) The regrettable thing is the ones who do this just makes themselves look pitiful. Tbh I never expected this kind of behaviour on a forum like this. I guess you, me & other were just too optimistic.
5) & 6) That's understandable. I am sure all of us over here @ BA are grateful all that you & Nick have done for the BA community. Best wishes to you & your loved ones. Family, & RL issues come first & foremost. I hope to one day see you once again on BA.
7) Well considering what you just posted. It is probably better. Sad to see such a good thing gone to waste; just b/c of a few rotten eggs.

Cheers Otome, I hope you get to stretch your legs & enjoy yourself w/e you may be doing. Peace.
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Jul 10, 2013
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Huh. I rarely view this thread so I had no idea it had become such an issue.

I personally am not really a fan of these sorts of things. Regardless of the original intent they usually do become popularity contests.

That's why I just avoid them all together. No reason why one or two decenrors should ruin it for everyone else.
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