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[One Piece] Vivre Card Databook

Forbidden Tale

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Dec 5, 2013
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Vivre Card Databook is out for quite some time.

Vivre Card Databook Vol. 1

What was said and we didn't know before are ages (post time-skip) of some characters, as well as their origin.

Lucky Roo (35 years old)
Yasopp (47)
Benn Beckman (50)
Koby (18)
Alvida (27)
Helmeppo (22)
Morgan (44)

Lucky Roo is from South Blue.
Benn Beckman is from North Blue.
Buggy is from Grand Line.
Shimotsuki is Zoro's hometown but not town of birth.

(All credit to) For more information: https://thelibraryofohara.com/2018/09/06/vivre-card-databook-vol-1-all-the-new-information/

Vivre Card Databook Vol 2

Keimi is 18 years old.
Duval is 25 years old.
Shakky is 64 years old.
Kaya is 19 years old.
Zeff is 67 years old.

All ages are post time-skip, for more ages (heights, birthdays) click on link below.

Nyaban Brothers has bounty of 7,000,000 belly, while Gin has bounty of 12,000,000 belly.
Mihawk, Silvers and Zeff's bounty posters are shown, but their bounties are not shown. Zeff could be some pretty big player.

Other interesting informations:

1. Mihawk was famous even before Great Pirates Era even started. He is confirmed to be both Armament and Obserbation haki user.
2. Shakky is implied to be very powerful individual.

(All credit to) For more information: https://thelibraryofohara.com/2018/10/08/vivre-card-databook-vol-2-all-the-new-information/

Vivre Card Databook Vol. 3

Sentomaru is 34 years old post time-skip as well as all those below.
Hannyabal is 35 years old.
Magellan is 47 years old.
Saldeath is 18 years old.
Sadi is 23 years old.
Inazuma is 29 years old.
Ivankov is 58 years old.
Shiliew is 44 years old.
Sanjuan Wolf is 99 years old.
Vasco Shot is 38 years old.
Catarina Devon is 36 years old.
Alvaro Pizarro is 42 years old.
Monkey D. Dragon is 55 years old.

All Blackbeard Pirates have bounties as well as Dragon himself.
Chew has bounty of 5,500,000 belly and Kurobi has baunty of 9,000,000 belly.

Borsalino, Sakazuki and Alvaro Pizzaro are from North Blue.
Sanjuan Wolf is from West Blue.
Hannyabal, Inazuma, Heat, Wire, Vasco Shot and Catarina Devon are from South Blue.
Shillew, Sentomaru, Magellan, Sadi, Emporio Ivankov, Saldeath and Smoker are from Grand Line.

More interesting information:

1. Sakazuki's devil fruit has highest offensive power among devil fruits. Sakazuki is willing to kill anyone who refuse to follow his view of justice.
2. Revolutionary Army was founded between 24 and 19 years ago.
3. Monkey D. Dragon's objective is peace.
4. Shiliew was affraid of Magellan. His blade is a Meito, called Raiu.
5. Avalo Pizzaro was originally the king of some country in North Blue, but was overthrown by his people.
6. Sanjuan Wolf is Giant.
7. Smoker is confirmed as Observation and Armament haki user.
8. Inazuma is Ivankov's right hand man.
9. Sentomaru is Observation and Armament haki user.
10. Tashigi is Observation and Armament haki user.

(All credit to) For more information: https://thelibraryofohara.com/2018/11/07/vivre-card-databook-vol-3-all-the-new-information/

Vivre Card Databook volume 4

Marco is 45 years old.
Jozu is 42 years old.
Vista is 47 years old.
Squard is 52 years old.
Oars Jr. is 72 years old.
Laboon is 53 years old.
Cobra is 50 years old.
All ages are post time-skip for more click on link below.

Jozu and Fossa are from North Blue.
Speed Jiru is from East Blue.
Jozu and Atmos are from West Blue.
Rakuyo, Haruta and Blenheim are from South Blue.
Marco, Squard, Little Oars Jr., Thatch, Namur, Curiel, Blenheim, Kingdem are from Grand Line and Izo is from Wano.

Curly Dadan has bounty of 7,800,000 belly.
Jinbe has bounty of 438,000,000 belly
Squard has bounty of 210,000,000 belly.
Little Oars Jr. has bounty of 550,000,000 belly.
Boa Sisters has bounty of 40,000,000 belly each and it's frozen.

1. Whitebeard was "Strongest Man in the World" even before Great Age of Piracy, which mean that he had title while Roger was still around. He is confirmed to have all three types of haki.
2. Marco's favorite food is pineapple. :D
3. Marco ate Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix. And he has Armament and Observation Haki.
4. Jozu ate Kira Kira no Mi and he grow up in difficult situation, so he had to steal, but he was never caught. He is confirmed to be Armament and Observation Haki user.
5. Vista's epithet comes from the name of his sword, which is Kaken, which means Flower Blades. Also has two types of haki
6. Little Oars Jr. is from race called Ancient Giants.
7. Vivi is former Straw Hat and number of her card is 013, while Jinbe is 010 and is officialy confirmed to be a member of crew. Which mean that there will be two more members of crew or number 011 and 012 will go to Going Merry and Thousand Sunny.

(All credit to) For more information: https://thelibraryofohara.com/2018/12/03/vivre-card-databook-vol-4-all-the-new-information/

Next month will cover Fishman Island Arc and Baroque Works arc
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Jul 26, 2013
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Thanks! The data book has a lot of intriguing information :p