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Nemu Kurotsutchi Theory

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May 13, 2016
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Well hello there folks. So, I was just doing a bit of background reading into a few characters (as you do). I've got no idea if anyone might have suggested this before or touched on the idea at least but its with regards to both Nemu's lack of a Zanpakuto and her relationship with Mayuri.

To be a bit more clear I'll first explain the information I found and what I think it may imply. First looking at the issue of Nemu's missing Zanpakuto. Well, as far as I see it she really doesn't have one. She most certainly doesn't use any kind of sword although she has been shown to possess a katana. Now what I find most odd about this is that she appears to be the only Shinigami/Gotei 13 member who lacks a Zanpakuto (bearing in mind that she has been allowed the position of Lieutenant in one of the Squads).

Leaving the Zanpakuto issue aside for the moment I'll move over the Mayuri. So far as we know Mayuri created Nemu as an advanced type of Gigai. And we also know that Mayuri failed a number of times before finally being succesful with the 7th itteration. Now it's been a while since I've read that far back and most of what I'm going on comes from the Bleach wiki so I'm happy to be corrected, but from what I can find we never really hear anything about why the previous attempts were failures. I believe that there may be a hint which lies in Mayuri's Zanpakuto. We are told that one thing did happen differently with Nemu. Mayuri performed an experiment on her which allowed him to unlock his Bankai.

I would imagine that you see where I'm going with this by now. Is it possible that Nemu is a form of hybrid Zanpakuto/Gigai? I mean this might explain why both Mayuri and Nemu are immune to his Zanpakuto's poison ( i realize he claims it's just his skill but he has been known to lie). It might go some way to explaining the (very well) hidden feeling Mayuri has for Nemu especially if you liken it to the way other shinigami sometimes interact with their Zanpakutos. It's also been shown that the ausauchi which eventually come to form the zanpakuto can take a humanoid form. It's also not beyond the imagination that Mayuri would have known and researched this very thoroughly. In fact I find it hard to believe he wouldn't have tried to combine Zanpakuto theory with Gigai theory.

Of course this is just speculation (and not the best researched to boot) but I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts you folks might have on the matter. Is there anything you can think of that I might have missed?
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