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Mar 24, 2013
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I can see all the time now that a crisis brings out the best and the worst in people. It makes me smile seeing people who live near a big hospital step out on the balcony and applaud the medical personnel. These people are amazing and deserve and need all support they can get!

On the other hand, I was annoyed about reports of people using the beach as if nothing happened or people going partying. I have been out today, going to the pharmacy first which was closed. I went to the post office for getting some benefits money and post my father's birthday present and then went to a local shop. No toilet paper, of course. But I got the last pack of eggs and one of the last loafs of bread. What I am doing is still allowed and as long as it is, I will continue to do this. These are the only occasions I leave the house anyway.

My daughter is no longer going to school and she helps out with some shopping, looking for certain items if I have enough cash. I am not prepared to send my daughter shopping with my debit or credit card.

If one of us gets Coronavirus we have to self isolate completely. I got a leaflet through the letter box from the neighborhood offering help. I am very grateful for it. I will make contact if I absolutely have to. My daughter and me are mostly on our own. A complete quarantine would cause us serious problems.

By the way, there have been reports that plumbers have more work to do now because people are flushing toilet paper substitutes like newspaper and baby wipes. It blocks the pipes, also away from the home. These blockages look like mini fatbergs.
Jul 22, 2014
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I feel it's a war with an unseen enemy which hijacks lungs and run havoc on it. I was astounded by many people who called "it's just a flu" without having facts checked first and still continue to be in a constant denial. This is nothing like flu. It doesn't care if you are rich, poor, young, and old. No one is immune to it. Now there are cases in which many young people are dying. A healthy young doctor in my country just passed away yesterday with no underlying health condition. Without enough vents and care, it's painful and disastrous. Mother and babies are being infected, teenagers and kids too.

It seems like eventually, the world would have to collectively shutdown to control this or else, it's gonna hit 80 percent of the population with severe consequences both economical and individual surpassing the 1918 flu pandemic. My sister said the reason 1918 flu remained for three years because people didn't have modern means to travel. So it reached people slowly but surely.

It's very difficult to find patient zero(in different countries) at this point and break all linnks. No one really has a solution of how it's gonna end. If it would reach 80 percent of the population, by that time, people would have developed herd immunity and it would be difficult for the virus to find new hosts. But a lot of people would be dead at that point. It could then have a second new wave which might be more dangerous...My sister says the way this is mutating, the vaccine would be difficult to make and might not be the solution we are looking for since it would require much more time.

The strategy of identifying, isolating and breaking the chains/connections is a way to have a control on it backed by disinfecting different surfaces, cities and potential places. But it would require huge effort as a state + communities doing together. Autocratic states have a better chance to do it. People would have to sacrifice their portion of individual freedom for the greater good of the people.

Another point I would like to mention is people(states) wrongly assumed 2% death rate at the beginning and took it lightly. 2% was solely based on how China locked down to contain it using its resources. Those countries which are not able to do, the death rate shoots up there. And since it's spreading exponentially(1 person to 2.6 on average), it makes it too dangerous.
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