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[Bleach] Mnemonic Associations Game

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Jun 2, 2013
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The goal of this game is to think of weirdest possible associations in order to memorize household purchase lists using various terms, characters, techniques etc. from Bleach. They can vary from short to complex or even hilarious ones.

The host posts a list made of minimum 3 (maximum 9) entries. The next member replies with a list of associations and then posts a new list of items.

For example.

The list:
1. Buy a window cleaner liquid.
2. Fix the TV remote controller.
3. Pick up the flower arrangements for Maria's birthday.

Mnemonic associations:
1. Buy Urahara's Mayuri-repellent spray.
2. Submit Cross of Scaffold for a Kido scan in 4th Squad.
3. Steal a bunch of roses from the Ayasegawa botanic garden.

The first list:
1. Buy popcorn for tonight's cinema night with friends.
2. Buy new boots.
3. Buy a new album of your favourite band.
4. Check tires on your bike.
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