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Ash To Dust, Skin To Bone {History}

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Jun 26, 2013
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This is a simple history thread for Miru :cookie

A man sat on the ledge of a building, the sky a range of warm orange colors with the sun on the horizon. He held a set of papers in his hand. He remained silent as he read them. His mind flooded with memories...

I Always end up here...

Tuesday, July 30th-

It was a rainy night in New York two years ago, the pouring water giving off the sound of pounding drums. A man with a black umbrella walked down a busy street.

Rush hour sure is a pain.

He stopped at the curb taking note of a taxi going by. He quickly called out to it opening its bright yellow door. “Where you headed to mister?” The man said with a notable Russian accent. The man shook his umbrella vibrantly outside the vehicle proceeding to slam the door shut.

“If you could take me to Hampshire Street that would be great.” The man said while taking off his black hood. “Well if you say so mister.” The driver asked for an advanced payment which the man paid off cheerfully.

The drive was much quicker the man had imagined it always fascinated him seeing how slowly people walked on the sides. Sometimes the world would move a lot slower than it would think, the man scoffed slightly relaxing his head to the head rest of the car. He remained silent for the remainder of the ride…

“Is there a God?”

In a sun filled, large white room an elderly woman seated on a large couch looked down on a thirteen year old boy, his eyes filled with doubt.

“What do you think Sujin?” The woman responded to his inquiry.

The boy cringed slightly he disliked being called by his middle name, something his adoptive mother Leena made a steady habit of. His faced took own a stern looking scowl as he began his constant habit of barraging Leena with reasons he hated being called by his middle name.

Laughing the lady got up pouring a cup of tea offering it to Sujin. He snatched it away from her readily, still complaining none the less.

“Now, now then if you really want my opinion I’d say most likely. After all I guess there are a lot of things we don’t understand o why not?” Leena said in a soothing tone.

Sujin halted his complaints letting Leena’s words sink in. There were a lot of things he didn't comprehend. Yet those words didn't make sense to the boy-

“That doesn't even make sense.”

“Exactly my point Sujin.”

“God damn it Leena.”

With a smile on her face she ruffled the boy’s hair, his irritated mood somehow being cleansed away by her touch.

“Well Sujin is suppose only you can say that. In the end it doesn't matter if God truly exists to you. As long as you’re a good person that’s all that matters.”

Sujin looked up to Leena’s eyes and embraced her. He felt like God didn’t exist and that there was no need to be a good person, yet as long as Leena wanted that of him he would gladly do it. The warm breeze from the open porch struck his face as the sun shone on him; Leena always had a way of making him forget about his problems. Truly there was no place he’d rather be then here...

Hey Mister wake up!

The man eyes flung open as he saw the driver pointing out the window. “This the place sir?” With a sigh he quickly gathered his things, solemnly looking out the window.

“Indeed it is sir, thank you for the ride.”

He got out of the Vehicle watching it drive away out of his sight. The rain had softened now barely audible at best. He walked towards a nearby Café. It was actually quite large and full of people. He scanned his surrounding noting a woman sitting alone in the far right corner of the Café.

That must be her.

He walked over to the table, seating himself down. The woman’s head tilted towards him. Her brown hair covered half of her face yet her only exposed green eye pierced into anyone.
“Lissandra Cain?”

“Kwon Sujin?”

Sujin gave off a slight laugh. “Your contact info must be outdated; I changed my name a while ago.” He suddenly seemed much more relaxed. The woman on the other hand seemed irritated.

“Changing your name again? Why don’t you just stick to your birth name?”

“No can do.”

The woman took a sip of her coffee, fixing her hair behind her ear. “Well then I assume you came here for that info didn't you?” Miru’s face turned somewhat blank “Yes.” He responded coldly. A waiter brought him a cup of Coffee while Lissandra reached into her bag pulling out a set of papers.

“Here take as long as you want with them I’ll be right here.” Her voice passed by Miru as he began to read the papers. His face filled with inquiry.

Dear Mr. Soogong
-Wednesday March 5th

I've a proposal for you..
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